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Playing this game was interesting and I absolutely LOVED the reference at the beginning to Dazai Osamu and one of the quotes in his book "No Longer Human". Charlotte seems like a really nice girl, Elliot is a mysterious student with a somewhat dark past (maybe?) and Francine seems to be a little bit suspicious with the way she talks and how she interacted with Elliot in the cafe scene. Overall, great game!

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umm the game doesn't seem to work, you can enter a name or not enter and you're just left with a screen that says “I am convinced that human life is filled with many pure, happy, serene examples of insincerity, truly splendid of their kind-of people deceiving one another without (strangely enough) any wounds being inflicted, of people who seem unaware even that they are deceiving one another.” but the screen also just cuts off after "seem" so you can't see the rest.

It seems to work a bit on phone. You can press start but after that you get stuck saying you work your way to your seat.


Sorry about that, I didn't set the dimensions correctly when uploading. It should be fixed now. Thanks!


It's okay, these things happen. I finished the game and got all the endings i think. It wasn't a bad story and has an interesting start, I could see myself or others getting hooked wanting to learn more bout the world and it's students. So good job!